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Thank you for visiting the BrooksGrove website and our Revolutionary Nail Grinder.


My Irish Setter, Oliver, perfect as he was in every way, would not let me touch his nails. Puppy hood had taught him that clipping nails hurt. No grooming tool on the market seemed to do the trick. Running on pavements kept him healthy, and climbing slanting concrete walls on the flood channel, accelerated the natural process of grinding the nails. The Idea: To capture the natural process of grinding in a specialty tool in the same way as nature allows your animal's nails to grind during exercise. Well, all this goes back to 1990!! -  First named the "Paw File Beautifier" then the "Clip-Skip" and before finally launched to market as the "Laube Automatic Nail Grinder", "Oliver's Paw Pal".


Unlike other grinders on the market, all originally designed as general surface grinding power tools, this invention is dedicated from ground up, sort of speak, to imitate the motion and contact that animal paws have with surfaces when moving around. An adjustable speed switch that allows rotations from under 1000 RPM to 10000 RPM, this inverted rotational motion causes the nail dust generated by the treatment to be captured in a separate compartment of the tool. Environmentally friendly, a protective magnifier gives the operator the option to better observe the process and shielding the dust flow. An adjustable spring loaded platform allows the paw to rest and the operator to apply the correct pressure to the nail, considering multiple elements like safety, torque, length of the nail, age, hardness and size. This is also reflected in the replaceable specially designed drums with multiple surfaces that also provide options for the user to find that exact surface and torque combination, best suitable for the animal - dog, cat, bird, caged animal or even humans. The pivoting handle mechanism allows treatment under multiple angles and the specially designed, exchangeable power pack allows continued use by professionals. For the average pet owner, it allows regular treatments without recharging for long periods of time, while applying the procedure on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis as part of grooming maintenance. The product is completely safe and cannot cause injury if operated in a responsible manner.


Peter F. Baekkelund, CHA
Founder - The BrooksGrove Company LLC
Inventor of the Animal Nail Filing Device - US Patent 5819757



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A desirable alternative to traditional nail clippers

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