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 Operation Manual 

Oliver's PawPal - Operation Instructions

Oliver's PawPal TM is protected by US Patent 5,819,757

1. To turn the instrument on, rotate the black switch wheel toward the grinding stone (a). As the wheel is rotated the motor increases the speed of the grinding drum. If your pet is startled or seems frightened by this new experience, start at a slow speed. See the Tips and Information section for suggestions.2. Start the nail trimming procedure in a position in which you and your pet are comfortable. To make grinding at different angles easier, change the position of grinding head surface in relation to the handle. The head can be pivoted by pressing the spring loaded knob on the right side (b) while moving the grinding head (c) up or down. Nails can be trimmed while the dog is standing or sitting; in front or next to you; or while resting on your lap.

3. The grinder is designed to be used from the top, by lifting the clear cover, and from the bottom by turning the instrument over and removing the black dust bin. You can choose the secondary position for downwards grinding, mainly refinement of edges and other special tasks.

4. While using the grinder, you will be holding the pet's paw in your hand so that, one at a time, you can apply pressure on the top of each nail while controlling the speed of the drum with the thumb of your other hand. If you prefer holding your pet at your side, hold the handle with the grinder facing you and adjust pivot to suit your grip.

5. Using the grinder from the top position, lift the clear magnification cover and rest the pet's paw on the rest plate which is just forward of the grinding drum. Using gentle pressure move the instrument so it begins grinding the first nail. If this is the pet's first time using a grinder, or if the nails haven't been trimmed regularly, you may only want to remove a little of each nail this first time.

The rest plate can be adjusted using the height adjustment wheel next to the rest plate. When the platform is raised, the distance from the grinding stone is increased to suit the size of your pet and length of the nail.

Note: When turning the adjustment wheel just past the platforms highest position, the grinding drum's axle gate flips up so the stone can be removed.


6. While using the grinder in the inverted position with the dust collector removed, the drum rotates toward the nail. In this position, the grinding should be from top down or from angles that facilitate smooth friction to avoid going "against the grain". The clear cover serves as the dust collector and allows the operator more surface to work with.

7. The grinding drums are exchangeable. To remove a drum, push the rest plate control knob to its most forward position. This opens the gate to the drum axle. With the front pointing away from you, slide out the dust bin, and by holding the drum from top and underneath, with one finger press the white release button on the left underside of the drum and gently lift out the drum. Replace by inserting right side of the new drum and snapping the left side into position. Roll the drum manually to assure the fit and close the drum gate.

8. The battery will run for 60-90 minutes on a full charge and can be used with the battery charger cord plugged in. Your model is charged by attaching charging cord to the receptacle at the end of its handle while the charger is attached to a 120V 60Hz power source.

9. Periodically empty the tool's dust collector of accumulated nail material. Remove the black dust cover at the forward butt of the tool by lightly squeezing the sides of the cover and pulling forward. Attached to the collector cover is a small brush which may help clean debris from the tool.

a. on/off switch

b. pivot release

c. grinder head


Tips and Information

Please be sure to fully read the operating instructions on the other side of this sheet.

For first time use, or until your pet is used to the process start the grinder at a slower speed, and increase the speed as you and your dog adjust to the process. Press the nail to the rotating grinding drum, first very gently, and as you get comfortable and have control, apply a level of pressure that you find the most effective. Remember, the balance to achieve is to grind the nail while the dog is comfortable. Grinding too hard will create resistance and over heat the nail and drum. The capacity of the instrument is designed, however, to ensure that no damage will take place to the device, even if too much pressure is applied. The goal is to make the procedure a quick, enjoyable maintenance task, part of the weekly, in some case even daily, grooming ritual.

About your dog's nails: Think of nails as living tissue which dries and hardens as the nail grows. The end of the nail is usually dry and without a blood supply beyond the quick. The quick of the nail follows the nail length under the nail surface as your dog's nails grow longer. It also gradually adjusts as the nail, over time, is trimmed to a shorter length. A gentle routine of filing will eventually keep the animal's nails at an optimum length. The nails should be short enough so that they do not touch the ground when standing still, but this does vary with breed and foot formation. If ground or worn naturally too close to the quick the nail can bleed. Use good judgment when grooming and stop if the animal shows signs of discomfort. You can always return at a later time, and as mutual confidence builds, apprehension turns to acceptance, at times even enjoyment. Our poster Irish Setter did not like the getting his nails trimmed at first, but now comes running at the sound of Oliver's PawPal.?

The protective magnifier on top is removable; wiggle and apply gentle pressure upwards from the inside base. This shield also serves as dust collector when using OPP up side down, in reverse, polishing mode, with the dust bin off.

While grinding from bottom position still offers more protection than many other grinders we urge greater care be taken while using this method. Though unlikely, it is possible that the paw of a small animal or even the operator's finger could be burnt if pushed below the stone while the grinder is operating at high speed.

The battery pack when fully charged will operate effectively for 60- 90 minutes. For extended professional use purchasing additional battery unit is an option. The instrument will also operate with the charger and cord connected even on a flat battery. Lift off battery by pushing back lock at bottom of handle.

The NiCAD battery pack, given reasonable care should allow over 100 charge/discharge cycles. If the battery no longer holds a charge for more than a single session it should be replaced and the old batteries disposed of in a legally safe manner.

Contents: Nail Grinder with removable battery pack, Protective Magnifier Cover, Dust Collector with Brush, Three Grinding Drums, one installed, Tote bag.


Charger - Input: 120V, 60Hz Output: 9VDC, 130mA

Instrument Motor: Variable RPM 1,000 - 10,000

Origin: Designed in USA, Manufactured in China

Distributed by: The BrooksGrove Company, LLC

Disposing of Batteries: The battery pack contains NiCAD batteries which are illegal to dispose of in ordinary trash. For a location near you, the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation website,, lists retailers and centers located near your zip code.

Warranty: Thirty days against defective parts or workmanship. Warranty does not include damage caused by dropping, or from spilled liquids, or from immersion. Any other problem will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Contact us for disposition of any problem.

Satisfaction Guarantee: You will be fully satisfied with Oliver's Paw Pal or you can return it within thirty days for a full refund, exclusive of shipping charges. This is subject to inspection that the instrument is free from damage by user.

The BrooksGrove Company LLC

P.O. Box 60478

San Diego, CA 92166    

858-492-8801 (24 hours)

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A desirable alternative to traditional nail clippers

The BrooksGrove Company LLC
P.O. Box 60478
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