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Hi Peter,

I can say 100 percent that small dogs can have nice nails with the Paw Pal.

I use mine every I did a basset hounds nails with no problem.  She normally will cry and fuss as only bassets can do.  her mom was amazed and added a nice tip to the bill.

I will be ordering another one as one of my other groomers is just as fond of it as me.  It bounces back and forth from our grooming stations each day. 

I also want you to know that I saw your video the Google video section.  I was doing a search for dog or dog grooming videos and it came up on the search.  Very nice!


Fondly, Cathleen



Dear Peter,

I do, in my thinking, like you, believe you have invented the perfect nail grinder for maintaining a pets nails. I have even had some of my dog loving friends train their own dog to love getting their nails done the fun way, with your invention. I see an outstanding future for this product. Oprah's groomer loves it!! 


Wishing you the best, Kim



When I first got my puppy I bought all the necessary STUFF, leash, collar, bowl and nail clippers.  Well everything was used except (guess what?) The clippers! I could not get near my dog with them, he just did not like it and of course I got too nervous to try.


I have this memory now of the vet's  assistant being dragged through the doors of the clinic by my dog after a nail clipping, she was sweating and close to tears, my dog was desperate to get out of there, it was traumatic for them both.

Then my neighbor introduced me to "Oliver's Paw Pal" and so I tried it that same afternoon. At first it was not going very well so I did not push the issue but kept going back to him and eventually he realized this was not going to hurt. So he lay there quite calmly and let me file his nails, AMAZING!  The trust had been established and I felt more bonded with him than ever.


So no more worries and no more trauma, I highly recommend this tool.







·        It is a revelation.. my husband holds a raw hide chew for the boys to chew on whilst I work on the nails and they don't bat an eyelid! I have no idea how we managed before as this is so stress-free. We are over the moon. Caroline Harris


·        totally delighted with the nail grinder. Many thanks for your excellent service and above all, the innovative design of the product.


·        Using "Oliver's Paw Pal" has enabled us to trim - for the first time ever - our two dogs' nails without causing any distress, to them or us. Martin & Sue Hodges,   Toby (10) & Roxy (17 weeks)


·        We thank you for allowing us to field test Oliver's Paw Pal Nail Grinder. We feel that it is an excellent tool for the pet owner, and would highly recommend it. It is much safer for pet owners to use than the standard type nail clippers available. We wish you great success with this handy tool! Sincerely, SAM KOHL, President AAronco Pet Products

·        Outstanding product with superb customer service equals total bliss for your pet as well as yourself. Highly recommended. Al


·        I received the grinder today and very pleased with it - looks very sturdy not like the other cheap knock-offs . Well done ! Good luck promoting your wonderful invention ! Elena


·        I've tried using a Dremel and the regular dog toe clippers. The Dremel worked good but if the dog barely moved we had all kinds of hair caught in the darned thing. The clippers caused all kinds of problems including blood when toenails were snipped too short. Your invention has been by far the best option for my dogs. They don't necessarily like it but it is painless for them and their hair doesn't get caught up and NO blood. I do all three dogs nails every 1-2 weeks. Thanks so much, Marty


·        It is the most wonderful nail grinder I ever used. I have 6 dogs, mainly big ones (Huskies, Greyhound, Staffordshire Terrier, and my little 30-pounder Leeloo). Even the most scared dog let me grind his nails for a while and then I let of and started again later actually finishing the job. The tool is silent and it is perfect to use it with or without cord. I love it and can only recommend it to all dog owners. Thank you so much for this invention. It makes my life (and the dogs and cats) so much more easy. Best regards and much, much success with Oliver's Paw Pal. Gerti



Nail Grinder for Dogs


Oliver's Paw Pal Nail Grinder for Dogs is setting the pace for better dog grooming. This is a grinder for dog nails that replaces dog nail clippers. An innovative item for dog grooming that makes things easier. BrooksGrove Co is taking dog grooming to a new level.

The Universal Nail Grinder for Dogs has so many features, they are hard to list. This is a nail grinder for dogs that replaces dog nail clippers. Powered with rechargeable batteries or a cord these nail grinders have a magnifier for easy viewing, a dust collector to keep things clean, dog nails length adjustment, replaceable grinding stone, carry bag, belt holster, variable speed and a three position angled head. Simply place the paw underneath and turn it on. This Nail Grinder can handle all size dog nails. The length of your dog's nails can be adjusted easily. Best of all the safety clutch stops the grinder if any hair or obstacles are encountered.

Innovative and smart, the Universal Nail Grinder for Dogs replaces hard to use nail clippers. This is a user friendly way to keep your dog's nails trimmed. Smart and efficient dog grooming is the strength of this invention. These are ground breaking pet supplies and BrooksGrove's "Oliver's Paw Pal" Nail Grinder for Dogs is a good pet product.


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A desirable alternative to traditional nail clippers

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