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It is the most innovative item in the grooming industry. One of a kind, no others like it, no others will match it's performance!

See these great features and compare for yourself:

  • Corded and Cordless [100v/120v, 50/60 hz]

  • Approx. 1,000 to 10,000 RPM

  • Rechargeable NMH, swap out, six battery pack

  • Three position angle pivot head

  • Nail length adjustment platform

  • Variable speed control dial

  • Adjustable, removable, protective magnifying lens

  • Dust absorbtion chamber

  • Replaceable, durable grinding drums

  • Two Extra grinding drums included in each kit

  • Carry bag and Belt holster

  • Weight of 15oz., & Length of 10

  • Safety Clutch, Anti-Tangle

  • 120 VAC 60Hz adaptor/battery charger

Easy to use:
Simply place the paw underneath the clear plastic latch. Turn the grinder ON and adjust the desired speed and level. When operating begin on the low setting. The Nail Grinder has a built-in Safety-Clutch if any hair or skin happens to get caught in it. No tangles. The dust collector allows for easy breathing, especially if you have allergies.

Grinder works in many fields:
Veterinary, Professional grooming and Home animal owner.

You can use this nail grinder on:

  • Tiny Dogs nails

  • Medium Dogs nails

  • Huge Dogs nails

  • Any size Dogs nails!

  • Cats claws, all size cats

  • Large Bird beaks (turn grinder upside down, take off dust collector)

No buffing or filing required afterward, leaves a smooth natural finish. You will no longer feel the scratching of nails on your legs when they paw at you and their nails won't leave marks on your nice hardwood floors. The perfect gift for the pet owner with nail apprehension or fear!

Inventory soon available -

subject to pending licensing by potential Global Distributors of current and modified versions. TELEBrands Inc. chose to pause with a multimillion unit program due to passive initial TV test results.

There is a way, so please provide your support with comments and suggestions. Thank you.

Peter F. Baekkelund CHA




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A desirable alternative to traditional nail clippers

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