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Name: Recent Ebay Comments:
Date: 01/13/2009
Message: Good design and fast delivery. genzo308 ( 54) Jan-07-09 17:10 Nice product item arrived fast. buresh-cabinets ( 293) Jan-05-09 09:08 Good communication, quick shipment, packaged securely jebo1216 ( 4 ) Jan-04-09 15:59 ABSOLUTLEY AWESOME!! Fantastic Service!! A pleasure & the fastest postage ever! yipyap19 ( 485) Dec-30-08 14:07 A seller that stands by his product and promises; much appreciated! doifeellucky ( 139) Dec-22-08 15:18 Thank you - item as described and good follow up! peachlilymimo ( 12) Dec-13-08 15:35 EXCELLENT!!! Thank you for a great product & easy transaction! Highly Recommend! yipyap19 ( 485) Dec-09-08 18:09 Thank you for a great product, arrived with great speed. lettstop ( 648) Dec-04-08 09:30 QUALITY nail grinder......EASY to use......RECOMMEND highly!!!!! jip71 ( 413) Dec-03-08 23:50 Pet/Dog Nail Pedicure - Grinder - "Oliver's Paw Pal"

Name: Elena Bronnikova - Encino CA
Date: 01/02/2009
Message: Hi, Peter ! I received the grinder today and very pleased with it - looks very sturdy not like the other cheap knock-offs . Well done ! Can't wait to try it on my baby husky :) Good luck promoting your wonderful invention ! Elena

Name: Sandy McCallum - Freeport, FL
Date: 11/17/2008
Message: Peter, Again thanks for the unit. I opened the package and let Dusty smell and "play" with the unit all day. In the evening I held Dusty in my lap and we turned the unit on and let him smell it some more after a few minutes I placed his paw on the unit for a second or two. I gave him a cheese treat and repeated the placing of the paw with the unit running. It took about 4 treats to convince him he was in treat heaven. No problem at all with grooming his nails. Simple and Quick and sooo easy. Sandy

Name: Peter Suslock - Stamford, CT
Date: 08/16/2008
Message: The grinder is wonderful! I took your advice and started slow with My English Bulldog Harley. Now keeping his nails nice and trim and so effortless we both are just so grateful. Harley has Pyoderma this is somewhat common with Bullies and causes inflammation between his toes. I'm convinced that keeping his nails in good shape has helped his condition a great deal. I came across an interview with you and the new model your working on sounds just terrific, I'll be certain to keep my eye out for the release of your new one. Thanks so much. Kind Regards, Peter Suslock

Name: Cynthia Javernick - Happy Valley - Oregon
Date: 07/21/2008
Message: Dear Peter, We are continuing to like the grinder very much. We are seeing an improvement in Samson's gait; his nails were so long that he was getting a little pigeon-toed, or starting to look like my husband, who always walks like he just got off a horse (he grew up on them, so I guess that's the way it goes). But it's an odd look for a little dog and I'm sure not good for him. At any rate, we are very pleased.

Name: Recent Ebay Comments:
Date: 06/27/2008
Message: Fabulous item!!! fast shipping. took awhile for dog to get used to the sound. frontparlorantiques ( 255) Jun-11-08 09:58 Pet/Dog Nail Grooming - Grinder - "Oliver's Paw Pal" (#220084048573) US $89.00 love it love it love it for my pooch will let you know about bird and bunny soon shadowaransas ( 84) Jun-09-08 18:08 Positive experience, thanks. suttelle ( 179) Jun-09-08 09:13 My Malamutes Love it the first time. No stress Good Product. It Really Works benl5454 ( 37) Jun-08-08 11:01 great service thank you very much!!! tonykaos ( 141) Jun-06-08 10:48 **WONDERFUL UNIQUE PRODUCT** my English Bulldog will be as pleased as I am! rhinestone-alley ( 1070) Jun-05-08 15:37 great product,fast delivery+++++ baseball*diamond*cards ( 375) Jun-02-08 17:04

Name: Cassandra Harr - Port Saint Lucie FL
Date: 05/21/2008
Message: The nail grinder works great. I have 4 miniature dashounds and all have black nails. What I tend to do because of the dew claws is: I first trim them with a regular nail clipper and then use the grinder to smooth the nail. Also I am able to use the grinder to get the nail short enough without having to worry about cutting the nail too short. Thanks Cassandra Harr

Name: Cathy Novicky - Toms River NJ
Date: 04/28/2008
Message: Hello - I am getting back to you quicker than I thought I would. Last week I spent a little time getting my puppy used to the noise and feel of your product. He didn't seem to mind it at all. He is about 20 weeks old, and I have been using clippers on about every part of his body since he was 10 weeks old, so he is used to noises and vibration. The only thing he really seems to mind is any kind of pain, of course. He showed me last night that your product is completely painless. I used Oliver's Paw Pal to thoroughly grind every nail on his front paws, and he just sat there. We had to switch positions a couple of times, but he didn't fight me doing his nails at all, and he seemed like he might even be enjoying it!. I just can't believe that we have such a nice and relaxing way to do what was the worst part of his grooming. Oliver's Paw Pal is worth every penny, and I am so thankful to have found it while my puppy is still a puppy, because it will save him so much stress and pain! What a wonderful product! Thank You So Much!!!

Name: Copperfountain Woodland Hills, CA
Date: 04/24/2008
Message: Love your animal, this is the best trimmer/grinder on the market!

Name: Marlene Farmer - Snohomish, WA
Date: 04/02/2008
Message: Peter. I've tried using a dremmel and the regular dog toe clippers. The dremmel worked good but if the dog barely moved we had all kinds of hair caught in the darned thing. The clippers caused all kinds of problems including blood when toenails were snipped too short. Your invention has been by far the best option for my dogs. They don't necessarily like it but it is painless for them and their hair doesn't get caught up and NO blood. I do all three dogs nails every 1-2 weeks. Thanks so much, Marty

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A desirable alternative to traditional nail clippers

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