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Name: Aiko
Date: 03/14/2011
Message: I have been using the Oliver's Paw Pal to maintain the nails of my Golden Retriever Finnegan. He sits quietly and volunteers his paw when it's time to do his nails. This nail grinder is fantastic. Not only is it quiet but it has lasted over three years and still running. I have recommended this to other friends who have dogs. I hope you can maintain selling this product! Cheers!

Name: Phyllis Rayca
Date: 01/07/2011
Message: Peter, What a happy surprise to come home to a box with an Oliver's Paw Pal ready for use! :) My dogs are much pleased to be getting their nails done with it again...especially the 15 1/2 year old girl, as doing them with the Dremel means I have to manipulate her poor arthritic paws a great deal; not so with the Paw Pal! Thank you SOOO much for your help--I cannot say enough about the tool, AND the customer service after the sale! regards, phyllis rayca

Name: Sharan Singh MD Chapel Hill NC
Date: 08/22/2010
Message: For the first time I was able to do all four paws with no "anti-anxiety" medication. I had worked her down to 1/2 pill from 2 pills and this weekend I decided to just try and no problems whatsoever. The unit is working fine, I cleaned it and charged it up. I don't know how to thank you for getting us to this point. Could not have done it without you. When the vet said she would have to put Brandy to sleep, that is when I went into action and located Oliver's pawpal! My research seminar presentation is on Thursday, after that I will celebrate! Hope all is well with you, please do keep in touch and give a hug to Oliver from his pals in Chape Hill. Sharan

Name: Joan Maes - Hanover, MD
Date: 09/22/2009
Message: Date: 09.21.09 The OPP is better than clippers or other nail grinders. I'm still getting my dog used to it -- but that's just a time issue. For what it's worth, I was replacing the sandpaper nail grinder pad after every paw, and the replacement process hurt my hands and wrists (type of arthritis). The OPP doesn't have that repetitive replacement issue. Thanks much for that. The pain was the reason I went looking online for an alternative nail grinder.Joan

Name: Gayle Ashford - Brownsville, OR
Date: 08/12/2009
Message: The trimmer works great, he is a little afraid at high speeds, but I will increase power gradually. His nails were so long. They are black in color, so it is very hard for me to see the quick. In addition, he was afraid of the traditional clipper. Your trimmer works like a charm. He is a 90 lb. dog, and I don't even have to try to hold him down now! Best, Gayle

Name: Anne Anderson - Dublin, CA
Date: 05/29/2009
Message: Thank you so much. I'm a member of the Northern California Newfoundland Club and belong to an email list, and will certainly let them know how good the Paw Pal is. What I like is that it doesn't shred the end of the nail. And it's sturdy and well made. Also you included such good instructions on how to get the dog used to it. Not everybody knows how to do that. Anne

Name: Caroline Harris, Portsmouth UK
Date: 03/15/2009
Message: Hi Peter Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Paw Pal. It took about a week to get one of our dachshunds used to it , and two weeks for the other one. It is a revelation.. my husband holds a raw hide chew for the boys to chew on whilst I work on the nails and they don't bat an eyelid! I have no idea how we managed before as this is so stress-free. We are over the moon. Kind regards Caroline Harris

Name: Sam Kohl - Hicksville, N.Y.
Date: 03/05/2009
Message: Re: Oliver's Paw Pal Nail Grinder Dear Peter: We thank you for allowing us to field test Oliver's Paw Pal Nail Grinder. We feel that it is an excellent tool for the pet owner, and would highly recommend it. It is much safer for pet owners to use than the standard type nail clippers available. We wish you great success with this handy tool! Sincerely, SAM KOHL, President AAronco Pet Products

Name: A. Cooper - Los Angeles, CA
Date: 02/25/2009
Message: Outstanding product with superb customer service equals total bliss for your pet as well as yourself. Highly recommended. Al

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A desirable alternative to traditional nail clippers

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